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Jul 23, 2010

I know, I know...this week has been A LOT (maybe too much) about Nora's First Birthday Party. I fully realize that. If you haven't checked out the Overview, Invites or my downloads posts be sure to do so.

I've had some of you contact me for more info and so to please those of you who might ever be thinking about doing this theme for a party in the future I thought I'd highlight specifically where I found all of the things I used for the party. Sound good?

But first, here's a pic of the set-up.

Before I get started you must know that the key to an inexpensive party is to BORROW things from friends! So not all of these items were purchased (honestly - most of them weren't).

Alrighty - let's get started....

Turquoise Cake Stands - Costco

Turquoise Platters - Target $1 Section

Dark Pink Chargers - Crate and Barrel

Sign Stands - The Menu Shoppe

Trifle Bowls - Walmart

Beverage Containers - Costco (a MUST buy for anyone who loves parties - only $20!)

Syrup Containers - Walmart

Sundae Bowls - The Dollar Tree

White Platters - The Dollar Tree & Walmart (hint: it's always good to have white platters on hand - they've come in handy for EVERY party that I've planned in the past)

Paper Products - Party City


Paper Globes - DIY Tutorial on HELLOmynameisHeather

Only one more post about the party and I promise I'm done.... Up next: DIY Strawberry Ice Cream Topping Favors!!!


Jessica said...


Great job on the party. Could you tell me about how much Costco charges for the 20x30 print? Thanks!

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