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Jul 2, 2008

Do you have an online movie subscription from Netflix or Blockbuster? We did and we took advantage of it too. However, after watching nearly all the movies we cared to and getting caught up on our TV shows (24, Prison Break, and Lost)…there was nothing left for us to watch, so we cancelled the subscription. (The cost is anywhere from $3.99 limited to 2 DVD’s/month to $19.99 3 DVD’s at-a-time and 5 in-store exchanges).

We were recently introduced to Redbox . Redbox is basically a DVD vending machine placed at a variety of locations like McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, and CVS Pharmacy. The DVD rentals are $1 for the night (due the next night at 9:00 pm) and you can return the DVD to any Redbox location too. This is a great way to see new release DVD’s at an affordable cost. $1 - you can't hardly get anything for that anymore.


gina said...

I just recently discovered Red Box too, after moving to Arkansas {from Michigan} We didn't have them in the North. My poor boyfriend has had to endure numerous Chick Flicks :)

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