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Jul 29, 2008

How much does it cost for dinner and a movie these days? $50? $60? And the babysitter? (I wouldn’t know)…but it all adds up, and really quickly too. Need some entertainment ideas and that cost nothing? I recently came across an article ( in Phoenix the magazine that listed 15 free things to do in the valley.
One that I’d like to highlight is First Fridays ( This is basically an art walk in downtown Phoenix. There are many galleries, displays, and tents set up to show off their goods. There is also free transportation to get you to the different “districts.”
Even if you’re not from the Phoenix area, there are plenty of ideas in your own community. Take advantage of the free entertainment that is out there - you'll probably be surprised how much money you might save.

Comment below with any of your own free entertainment ideas. I know we'd appreciate any other suggestions.


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