Alan's Pick - Maui Jim Sunglasses

Jul 10, 2008

I have owned one pair of sunglasses in my life, called Maui Jim’s. I bought them on our honeymoon in Florida and since we were moving to the Valley of the Sun, I thought I would need a pair. At the time, I thought the price tag was little (perhaps very) steep for a pair of sunglasses. I mean really, how can sunglasses make that much of a difference whether it’s a pair of gas station aviators or a designer brand?!? However, once I put them on…I was sold! I never thought spending $175 on a pair of sunglasses would be justifiable, but it was! Viewing the world through Maui Jim’s will make the world a much more beautiful place! Check them out!


Anonymous said...

Definitely a yes on those i love Aviator Sunglasses!

Anonymous said...

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