iDesign Launch

Jul 2, 2008

After much thought and consideration I've decided to finally take the plunge in starting my own invitation design business. I know a lot of you are saying to yourself "finally." And for those of you who are doing just that - thank you! Thanks for being so supportive and encouraging as I take this leap of faith. I would never be at this point without your confidence.

For those who are hearing this for the first time - welcome to just a small part of my life - DESIGN! Over the past year or so I've uncovered what I would call a hidden passion of mine and am excited to see where it might take me.

All that being said, I invite you to at least check out my new business blog, iDesign. There you'll find just a few samples of my past work. I'll be updating the site periodically with more projects. And for those of you who may be planning a party yourself, thinking about planning an event or know someone who may be interested in my services, please contact me via iDesign. As everyone in business knows, a referral is one of the best compliments you can receive.


Stephanie said...

Your samples look great. I love the one of Jayla! Maybe we'll send out a card when Brenna turns 1 in October.

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