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Mar 9, 2012

Looking for a way to simplify your life? Aren't we all?!

Since being introduced to the wonderful world of apps on my iphone just 6 months ago, I've found some amazing make-my-life-so-much-easier apps.

Two of these specific apps are Postagram & Sincerely Ink. Both of these apps have greatly helped reduce the time it takes for me to send snail mail (and you all know I love me some snail mail).

With Postagram you can brighten someone's day with a postcard you've created using Postagram and a photo - either one you take with the app or snap from your phone's library or even Facebook. The app is free and the postcard is only $0.99.

So easy.... and so cheap.

Get the free Postagram app for iPhone or Android HERE. {Sign up using my link and we both get one Postagram postcard free!}

Sincerely Ink is very similar. Sincerely Ink allows you to choose from their 30+ card designs and include photos from your phone (if you'd like) and customized text.

Sincerely Ink postcards are 5x7 in size and very high quality. Like Postagram, the Sincerely Ink app is free and the cards are $1.99 (which includes shipping).

Happy App "Shopping"! ;)


Kimberly Sneed said...

oh i just LOVE LOVE LOVE postagram! i use it as easy "thank you" cards all the time and folks even have a keepsake from it.


Anonymous said...

But what size is the actual photo?

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