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Mar 30, 2012

Ever since stumbling across a pair of PJs at Costco (yes... Costco), I've never turned back.

The footless pjs from Hannah Anderson are hands down my favorite pjs for the girls. No questions asked.

Why? Well - a number of reasons. First, they're cute. Second, the fabric is stretchy, thick and soft (not always easy to come by when looking for jammies for lil' ones). And thirdly, I love that I can buy them at Costco ($15/each). Any place I can buy a large amount of paper products, eat yummy samples AND buy cute clothes is a win, win for me! ;)

Now I can't guarantee that your local Costco will be carrying these lovely PJs - but it's worth a shot!

Happy jammie searching!


B + A said...

Babies in jammies are my favorite thing ever!!!

Deadra said...

We live in Hanna Anderson pj's since birth! We are fortunate enough to have an outlet close by. Their website sometimes has great deals too. Costco here also carries the girls leggings but they dont get really small. I don't dry mine and they seem to last longer

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