sister comparison pic | 10 months

Mar 10, 2012

It's been 5 months since I did a sister comparison pic (insert tired mommy sigh).

Elsie is growing up so fast. I just wish I could bottle up all of this cuteness and keep it around for another few years. I'm already thinking about (aka : just started a Pinterest board for Elsie Birthday Party ideas) this little girl's One Year Birthday Party!

Many of you have asked me if Elsie is different than Nora, and if so, in what ways.

Here's what I've discovered (so far in her 10 short little months of life)...
  • Elsie is VERY sensitive. A stern "NO!" makes this little peanut bust out in tears. This isn't so much the case with Nora.
  • Elsie is not spirited. Nora is the poster child for spirited children.
  • Elsie's energy level is pretty middle-of-the-road where Nora is bouncing off the walls (on most occasions).
  • At Elsie's 9 month appointment she weighted in at 16 lb 12 oz. Nora at 9 month was 20 lb 12 oz. A whole 4 lb difference.
  • Elsie isn't the best sleeper. Nora has always slept like a champ.
  • Elsie has already consumed more meat in the past 10 months than Nora has EVER consumed. Really.
  • Elsie's little tummy just doesn't really like dairy. Which essentially means we buy her very expensive formula - boo. Nora probably could have drank milk straight from a cow. :)
All in all they are two very different little girls but both exactly who God created them to be and we love them both so very dearly.

Till next time...


nick&abby said...

loooove me some Flies girlies! CANNOT WAIT for May!

B + A said...

Different personalities, but both adorable!!

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