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Feb 18, 2012

I'll be honest... I think I post these posts simply for my own pleasure. Isn't that what mommy-blogging is really about anyway?

There's just something about the simple (and in some cases mundane) moments of family life. I'm so very thankful that I'm able to capture them in photos as I know I'll be looking at them 20 years from now and wishing back these days. :)

In Our Home :: These Days ....
We're not huge Valentine's Day people but because I love me a good party I figured I'd throw a little play date party for some of our friends.

1) I printed out this little sign that I found thanks to Pinterest! (aw... gotta love Pinterest) Print your own sign here.
2) Nothing says "I Love You" better than a fresh donut from Rainbow Donuts!
3) I made it a point to take pics of all of the mommies and their kids at our Valentine's Day play date. I very rarely get a picture with both of the girls and am so thankful to have this one from this past Feb 14th.
4) Like I said in this post - I was a little late in planning for a "gift" for the girls to give Alan this Valentine's Day. In a last ditch effort I designed this "I Love Daddy" card up really quick for all of the kids to color at our party.

1) Go Cyclones! This is just a random Saturday when the girls were cheering on ISU from afar!
2) & 3) We are LOVING this warm weather and spend lots of time at our local parks. Thank you Arizona!
4) Some friends and I co-hosted a Sip & See for my sweet friend Brittany a couple weeks back. This is my new favorite way of celebrating Baby #2 in a casual party setting. Wine, Dessert and Baby - Love it!

1) & 2) I can't say it enough... I LOVE my Mommy Planning Mornings.
3) & 4) Nora has been very excited about the possibility of flying a kite these days. So much so that every morning she upon going outside she'll ask if it's windy so we can fly a kite :)

These are a couple pics from Family Kite Flying Take 1. We were too lazy to walk to the park and ended up flying the kite in the street (probably not a good idea... just so you know). Thankfully we had a super windy day just yesterday and took the kite to the park for Family Kite Flying Take 2. It was a huge hit with Nora (and a pretty decent workout for Alan actually). Definitely worth the $10!

...till next time....


nick&abby said...

Adelyn keeps pretending she's flying a kite...maybe we'll have to make that $10 investment too! :) I love mommy blogging :) thanks for sharing! CUTE idea for a sip and see!

Anonymous said...

love all the pics. Elsie is getting sooooo big. I just have a feeling she is going to be a tomboy...we will see...

Sydney said...

Love your blog!! Your daughters are ADORABLE! I started reading awhile ago via Nealy Lanzen. Great ideas with kids that I hope to use some day!

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