Mommy Planning Mornings

Feb 2, 2012

I too often find myself desperately pleading for more hours in the day to handle my (part-time) careers, the home and the family.

Then there is time with God. What?! Can that even exist (other than bedtime prayers while tucking our children in for the night) as a mommy of little ones? The days when I could spend hours doing a Beth Moore study are long gone.

And we haven't even addressed the weariness part of the equation. Sometimes, wait, OFTENTIMES I'm just too dang tired to do any more than what is required!

Each day blurs into the next and before I know it, weeks start to blur together too.

Thankfully about two years ago I started what I call a weekly "Mommy Planning Morning."

All I can say is that this has been transformational in helping me manage our lives (and my heart) on a weekly basis.

Here's how we've decided to implement Mommy Planning Mornings....

My goal is to shower and be out of the house before either of the girls wake up.

Before heading out the door this is what I bring with me ::
I head out to my favorite coffee shop where I spend 2-2.5 hrs doing the following items ::
  • Order a cup of coffee (can't forget that!)
  • Read the Bible & Devotional Book (**Note: This is often the only time in a week that I'm able to spend a decent amount of time studying the Word so I always start with this and never short change it because it's such water for my weary soul)
  • Meal Plan & Make Grocery List
  • Write Out Weekly Plan for the Family
  • Make to-do list for the week
  • Order Birthday or Special Occasions presents as needed
  • Update Calendars
  • Manage Work Email accounts
  • Manage Personal Email
This has become a win-win situation for everyone in our home. The girls get some one-on-one time with daddy and I return by 9:30 am feeling like I can conquer the world - at least for one more week!

Now I realize a Mommy Planning Morning may not work for everyone's schedules, nor may it look the exact same (we do this on Saturdays - another day of the week might work better for you), but for us, this has been a total sanity saver.

Try it out... even for just one week. Then come back and let me know what you thought!

Happy Planning!


Mari said...

Fantastic Steph! Help me!! Unfortunately my husband is out of the house for work at 4:30 or 5:00 am. If I am lucky, the alarm will go off at 6:00 am on some days! His normal arrive time home is around 7:00 pm or 7:30, if at all. He travels too. Saturday mornings I think it is important he go to the gym and do his errards as he has no personal time....ever And Sundays are for church and breakfast out. Any ideas for Mom's like me?? Honestly I am very organized however I can get tired and lazy too and would love to have a better plan to tackle my week.

nick&abby said...

I love that you do that! I don't have as much going on as you do, but just those few (uninterrupted) hours doing scheduling and being in the word would definitely be transformational! :)

alan and steph said...

@Mari - I wish I had a good suggestion for you!

I'd say maybe chat with your hubby to see if between the two of you, you might be able to come up with a plan that works best for both of you???

I realize everyone's schedules look so different so maybe you'd even need to do an evening planning session? Although I do really think one on one time with daddy is always good for kids.

@Abby - love you! :)

nealy said...

LOVE this!

Denisa said...

Thank you, this is a great plan! I'm "normally" read "pre-baby" super organized and have struggled ever since our son was born a couple of weeks ago. I'm going to start this on Monday! Thanks again.

Andrea said...

Thanks for the great idea! I have a hard time asking for "me" time to get anything done without the kiddos. This would be perfect! Seems like it would probably let my brain recuperate a little too!

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