DIY Valentine's for Daddy

Feb 13, 2012

Ah.....Valentine's Day.

We're not into doing a ton for Valentine's Day but I do try and make it a little special at least. Unfortunately my mommy brain has been in full throttle lately (aka:: I can't seem to remember much of anything) which means that today I woke up in a slight panic because I had yet to put together anything for the girls to give their daddy. (Oops!)

Thankfully I quickly designed these "I love Daddy" Valentine's Day cards this morning and thought I'd share the love! :) Just in case any of you are in the same boat.

I printed them out and attached them to card stock and plan on having Nora color hers this afternoon at a little Valentine's Day party I'm hosting for a couple of her little friends.

Pin it. Print it. Love it.

Happy Valentine's Day!

{Oh and yes - for those of you who saw this Definition of Love that I designed last week for the Family Matters Blog - I'm a bit in love with chevron print right now - I apologize if you're not so in love with it.)


nick&abby said...

I loooove them! Zig zags are my favorite too ;) nice work! Thank you for sharing!

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