Florida Keys

Mar 2, 2010

Last week we were fortunate enough to spend a 5-day family vacation in the Florida Keys with Mom and Dad Triggs, Mom Flies and Nick, Abby and Adelyn. How fun is that!!!???Seriously.

We spent our days playing with babies, watching a little Olympics (Go USA!!!), chatting with the ladies, getting some sun, taste-testing Key Lime Pie, cookin' yummy food and lovin on our family. It was such a blessing to have some serious R&R with both of our families.
I thought in order to give you all an idea of how our trip went I'd give you a short list of the Do's and Don't's in traveling with a 7 month old :)

DO be sure to pack enough diapers in your diaper bag for the flight (wish I would have taken this advice - yes - we did spend 30+ min frantically looking for a couple more diapers in MIA)

DON'T bring a stroller that won't fit through security. It only adds more time onto your already lengthy security check.

DO bring a portable DVD player for easy access entertainment on the plane and in the car

DON'T plan on reading on the plane. I used to love this aspect of traveling.

DO vacation with your family. It was a blast!

And finally DON'T try the Rum Runner (the Key Lime Pina Colada was much better - hehe)


Nick&Abby Flies said...

AMEN to the no rum runner! (sorry, Michelle)
I was just thinking today how much I want to be back there with you guys!
we miss you!

Mike Triggs said...

Uncle Rick wants to know why Nora isn't wearing sunglasses!

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