Steph's Pick - Amy Butler Fabric

Mar 19, 2010

Now, I'll admit, I'm a little biased towards pretty things. I think most of us would admit that we are, right? So when I was first introduced to textile design guru, Amy Butler's fabric a couple months back, I couldn't help but be pleasantly surprised. Fabric that actually looks like it was designed in the 21st century, what???!!! Although I have yet to purchase any of her lovely textiles, I'll admit, I've been drooling over so many of her lines and dreaming of my first fabric store outing ever since :)

Some of my favorite lines are featured below.

And if I am completely honest I'd have to say that one of the other things I love about Amy is that she's spent the last 20+ years in the Midwest (Kansas and Ohio). I love me some Midwest ladies.
I've got a Favorites Folder full of DIY ideas begging to be completed with Amy Butler fabric. Now I just need to convince a friend with a sewing machine to let Nora and me come over.
I can't wait...


Brian and Allie said...

Amy Butler fabric!!! Isn't it gorgeous! It is time for your first fabric store outing! There are some really fun cheap fabric in the stores too. I wish I lived closer..if I did you know you would have had that experience already:) I got one of her pattern books for Xmas and love it!!! I have yet to find a store with it though- bummer!

P.S. Do share some of your DIY fabric/sewing projects :)

nick&abby said...
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Christy said...

I also LOVE Amy Butler fabric! My mother-in-law made me a diaper bag from one of her patterns, in her fabric, and I get comments on it everywhere I go. "Is that an Amy Butler bag???" :)

Christine said...

Hey Stephanie - just found your blog!

I love Amy Butler fabric also :)

Not sure if you are familiar with but they posted a link today with coupon codes for discounts on Amy Butler. Thought I would pass on the good news :)

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