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Mar 4, 2010

As most of you know, I became a mom to our daughter, Nora, in July. Mommy-hood has been such a great adventure!

In my short stint as a mommy, I quickly noticed that there were not many resources online for Scottsdale Moms. So, my friend Joy and I decided something must be done. So we have started a blog highlighting great things to do in Scottsdale, local businesses, mommy resources and soon Scottsdale Moms Spotlights (highlighting mommies right here in Scottsdale who have extraordinary skills and wisdom to share.)

To launch our site, we want to give YOU a present! We have a $25 GIFT CARD to the dawwling little baby store
Moonbeams. (I did say we are about supporting those small business owners around these parts.)

Just go to and read the short, super simple instructions. Then, pass it onto your friends.

(oh - and look for us on Facebook too!)


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