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Nov 6, 2009

I'm thinking it's about time for another Steph's Goodreads update. What do you think?

1. The Help - by Kathryn Stockett - I was encouraged to read this a couple months back but was still trying to figure out time to read with an infant. Boy am I glad I started this book -
set during the civil rights movement in Jackson, Mississippi, this is an incredibly optimistic and uplifting novel.

2. MOPS New Moms Guides - by Susan Besze Wallace and Monica Reed - Perfect for the expecting mom or the new mom in the first few months of raising an infant I found all 4 of these books very informative, encouraging and practical.
3. Lone Survivor - by Marcus Luttrell - Those of you with a good memory might remember that this was on my previous goodreads list, but I hadn't read it at that point. It is back on the list b/c I have now finished it and would strongly encourage anyone to read this. If you're looking for a story that showcases both American heroism and Afghani humanity, this is the book for you. Ladies - although it might sound more appealing to the men in your life, it really is a great (and true) read about the service so many men and women are providing for this country.
4. Pursuit of Honor - by Vince Flynn - OK, again, I'm putting a book on my goodreads list that I haven't read. But - this is actually a suggestion to read ALL of Vince Flynn's novels. If you like 24 - or anything espionage - these are the books for you! I think Pursuit of Honor is his 11 book so you'll have to start reading :)
5. The Going to Bed Book - by Sandra Boynton - How could I not include a children's book? Seeings how I actually spend more time reading these than adult novels now :) This is one of Nora's favorite nap/bedtime books. We have a handful of Sandra Boynton books on her shelves and love them all!
For other Goodreads recommendations see Steph's Goodreads Part I and Part II


Brian and Allie said...

SO I haven't read any of the other ones, but I love Sandra Boynton too!! Probably more than Reese right now :) And I loved the past pic or Nora. More please!! :) Love you guys!

Nick&Abby Flies said...

started Lone Survivor last night... love it already!

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