Valentine's Day Gift Idea's

Feb 12, 2010

Need some fun idea's for Valentine's Day Gifts? Here are just a few fabulous (and fairly easy) ideas.

1. Cupcake Take Along - believe it or not. isn't that the cutest way to package up all one might need to make cupcakes. I'm already dreaming of how I might be able to use this idea soon.
2. A Valentine's Day Gift Box of Cake - yes! really. Bakerella has done it again.
3. Printable Valentine's Day Gift Tags
4. Rock Candy - Sorry Nora - You have no say in your upcoming Valentine's day treats for your fellow classmates - we will be doing Rock Candy ASAP. Even if it's in a few years :)

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!


jane said...

We made these (#4.. Ipod) at Matt's Valentine's party at school last year... they were a huge hit!

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