Steph's Pick - DIY Fabric Flowers

Jan 1, 2010

Last week I was trying to think through all of the details of a party we were hosting after Nora's Dedication at our church (more pictures to come). I came across this idea on one of my new favorite blogs and had found my inspiration :) DIY Fabric Flowers - perfect!!! Here are the steps I took to make these beauties...

1. Start with your different sized circles (I used 4 circles)
2. Squish the fabric in a little ball.
3. Iron the fabric balls. This helps them maintain their creases.

4. Smooth them out a little and stack them (alternating colors/fabrics).
5. Here is where you have options - either sew the circles together - or if you don't have a sewing machine (like me), use glue dots or hot glue to attach them to one another.
6. Sew or Glue a Button in the middle.
What did I use these for you might ask? See below for one example. I'll be sure to post more pictures of our party sometime this weekend which will highlight other ways the flowers were used. Until then I'm off to attach magnets to the back of a handful of these flowers - they will look perfect on our fridge!!!


Lynette said...

how lovely.

Brian and Allie said...

Love your DIY's :) Gonna try this one!

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