Nora Recommends - BabyBjorn Bib

Jan 20, 2010

Yes - in motherhood, the little things like Bibs make a world of difference :)
Pre-Nora I had seen various blogs highlighting this bib, but it wasn't until Nora started eating solids that I realized how wonderful it was to have a good bib. The BabyBjorn bib is superior to a number of other bibs for a few reasons. First, the neck is designed like a necklace with continous fastening, so it can be adjusted to fit your child perfectly. Second, the deep pocket really does catch most food spills. And last - it's FDA approved and dishwasher safe!


Nate and Natalie said...

I couldn't agree more! Elyse LOVES hers too.

Nick&Abby Flies said...

okay, so we did go buy a cheapie version of this after you were here. I really like's not as easy to fasten, though....I think we can give it a few more days for a definite opinion... :)

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