a Murder Mystery Party

Jul 2, 2009

About a month ago our small group decided to do something different for a social activity. After throwing around a bunch of idea's we settled on doing a Murder Mystery Party - Murder in Margaritaville. Although very few of us had ever taken part in a Murder Mystery Party, we were all eager to get our first taste of it.
So invitations and casting lots went out a couple weeks prior (thanks Michelle for taking the lead on this). Alan was casted as Father Nick (note his costume in top picture - Hilarious!) and I was Rhonda (I think that's what her name was), the gypsy.
As the night progressed we had some incredible food (all Margaritaville-ish) and more information was revealed about the murder.
Finally at the conclusion of the evening the murderer was revealed - and it was ME! The pregnant gypsy! Everytime I look at the above group picture I get a good chuckle.
So next time you're looking for a group activity - do consider hosting a Murder Mystery Party. It's something outside of the usual and proved to be a lot of fun.


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