Steph's Pick - Where to?

Jun 6, 2008

A little over a year ago our group of friends took some time to put together a list of things to do in AZ. The list contains a full range of activities: Great places to eat, sites to see, free entertainment ideas, annual events, etc. This list has proved to be a great resource for Alan & I as we plan our time with visitors and guests. I've also been known to pull out the list when we don't have too many things scheduled on a weekend.

Although it may take some time and creativity to put it together, it's worth it! Put together a list for yourself today and keep adding to it as new idea's come to mind.

(for AZ residents - I'd be happy to share our list if you'd like, just let me know!)


Lanzens Life said...

Thanks so much for this great idea! I would love to see your Phoenix list - I'm sure it will made me a tad bit jealous that I don't live there - but it would be fun to see what you came up with!

Keep up the great ideas!

Laura Miiller said...

I want to see your AZ list! We're always looking for fun (and free!) things to do in the Valley!

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