Turning Back Time

Mar 10, 2008

I bet most of you remember the popular Cher song, "If I Could Turn Back Time." Right? Just thinking of that song makes me want to sing it out loud. :) For some strange reason that song reminds me of Daylight Savings Time - the reason for this post! Now, most of you reading this blog moved your clocks ahead an hour this past weekend. But since moving to AZ we ceased doing this bi-annual ritual. So a couple times a year we confuse ourselves all over again trying to determine which time zone we're really in and how many hours apart we are from our loved ones. And why? Why in the world does AZ not observe this practice?

In an effort to find out more information I did a little research this morning that I thought might be intriguing to you all. Wikipedia says "the state of Arizona has not observed DST since 1967. This is in large part due to energy conservation since the temperature in and around Phoenix and Tucson is hotter than any other large U.S. metropolitan area during the summer, resulting in more power usage from air conditioning units and evaporative coolers in homes and businesses. An extra hour of sunlight while people are active would cause people to run their cooling systems longer, thereby using more energy." Just a little food for thought!
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Meyers_in_China said...

YOU HAVE a blog? I had no idea! Thanks for sharing! I went to your FB site to see more about this wonderful Tahoe trip and found the blog! How fun! Enjoy the lake!

Jessica Starmer said...

I wish that we didn't lose an hour. It's screwed up my internal clock. And now it's more difficult to find a time that both of us are free to chat. Oh well...

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