The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Mar 19, 2008

(Alan) What better time to start contributing to our blog than now? The most wonderful time of the year is upon us. No, it is not's March. And that means only one thing in our household...March Madness!! I can't wait! In the span of 10 days (over 3 weeks or so), there will be 64 games of college basketball. Four teams will make it to the coveted Final Four and only one will be crowned National Champion. And of course there will be many shining moments.

I think there is a basketball gene in my family, seriously. It does not matter if we are watching or talking basketball. I grew up as a child filling out brackets with my family, and just moments ago completed this years round of brackets. It has become a tradition in our house. Like some people may always go to Sunrise Easter service - each person in the Flies family faithfully fills out a March Madness bracket. (I realize this comparision is weak)
I look forward to watching as many of the upcoming 64 games as I can - and with any luck I might win the coveted title of winning the Flies Family ESPN bracket tourney and have my own shining moment.
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Jessica Starmer said...

Alan! Great job on the post! Although, I'm having a hard time relating since I, myself, have not watched a basketball game in over 10 years. Can we still be friends though?!?

greg & amy said...


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