our annual addiction

Mar 5, 2008

I have an addiction. I am not to be trusted around anything sweet, particularly Girl Scout cookies. Just last week while both Alan and I were running errands, we stumbled across the smiley faces of our annual brown/green-vested cookie friends - the Girl Scouts. Please note that during this occurrence we were not together. So as you can imagine - we both came home with boxes of cookies from separate places. This certainly put smiles on our faces but a few too many cookies in our pantry.

Since last Friday, I have indulged in one full box of Samoas cookies (not to mention a number of Thin Mints). I feel terrible. And not just the mental ramifications of eating that many cookies. Physically, I feel as though I've consumed a lot of waxy, coconuty, fake chocolate pain. My belly is just churning. I realize that these items can be enjoyed in moderation, but my brain knows no moderation when it comes to stuffing my face with desserts.

I mean - honestly - sooner or later the annual Girl Scout cookie sales will be right up there with my dreaded Thanksgiving and Christmas sweet consumption. It might as well be a holiday in and of itself. (only joking obviously)

All that being said - my greetings go out to you - Happy Girl Scout Cookie Consumption Month!!!! Hear hear!!!

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greg & amy said...

We miss our Sugar Mama! Can you send us some girl scout cookies??

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