an {indoor} amusement park

Sep 17, 2011

Upon receiving Nora's baby book, I noticed there was a "First Amusement Park Trip" page. Now I'll be honest - I thought (and still think) it's a bit weird to have this in a baby book. But because I'm a gotta-fill-out-everything-in-the-baby-book kind of girl I was itching for Nora's first amusement park visit.

We finally had our first opportunity on Labor Day. We had just learned about this new indoor amusement park for kids and figured it would be a fun family outing. So we hopped in the car and off we went.

Now believe it or not - Nora was a bit skeptical at first and wasn't too crazy about trying any of the rides but finally we were able to encourage her to try the swings.

Here she is getting ready for her very first amusement park ride to begin...

And of course a {funny to us but maybe not to you} video...

Now between the swing ride and the little choo-choo train ride Nora was in HEAVEN! She specifically stayed on the train ride for about 10+ rides in a row and was all smiles each time. Too cute!

Our trip to this little amusement park has made us very excited about an upcoming trip to Disneyland that we're planning with the family. Adelyn and Nora are going to LOVE it!


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