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Aug 2, 2011

~above pillow designed and created by a dear friend, Amy J.~

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.
- Proverbs 22:1

After Elsie was born a number of you asked how we came up with her name. Well wait no longer...Here's how...

There were a number of things we took into consideration when deciding on her name:

- Does it "go" with Nora?
- Is it popular?
- Does the meaning align with something we believe in?
- Do we like it?

We started looking for names on the Social Security Administration Baby Names Website. First we searched the Top 200 names of the 1880s. Obviously Nora is a bit "older" name (although it is making a come-back) so we went as far back as the SS Website would take us. And that's where we "met" the name Elsie (#55).

Although I liked it a bit more than Alan (he had some coming around to do), neither of us had ever
a) heard of the name (no - we hadn't ever heard of Elsie the Cow) or
b) know anyone with the name Elsie.

So it met a number of our qualifications right from the start... it "went" with Nora, wasn't too popular and we liked it.

Now for the meaning....

Elsie - my God is a vow or God's promise


Our prayer is that Ms. Elsie Grace will grow up to fully understand the many promises that our great God has given to those who trust in His Son Jesus! And that she would come to know the incredible grace given to us in Christ Jesus. May these things be the aroma of our homes and our hearts. Amen!

And a sweet little video of the little peanut...


nick&abby said...

Oh I love her!

Brian and Allie said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!

Katie and Bret said...

Her smile is infectious! I love the meaning of her name!

Anonymous said...

Steph, I thought of you and this post yesterday, when I made the most amazing find at a famous new/used bookstore in Portland. It's a beautiful used anthology of children's poems and stories, and in the inside cover is inscribed: "Elsie F. / Xmas 1923". Here's the link if you want to see a pic! :)


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