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Aug 12, 2011

Ever since Nora started eating solid foods it seems as if my diaper bag has become more of a snack bag. And I'm not saying that I just stick a large container of puffs in the diaper bag and call it good. I'm talking lots of different kinds of snacks!

You see one thing I've learned is that it is especially important with spirited/strong-willed children to give them options. For example: Do you want to wear your pink or yellow bib? Do you want to climb into the car by yourself or have mommy help you? Would you like to color or play with your ice cream set? Would you like apples or grapes? Or peas or corn? The list is endless. I probably give my sweet little Nora 50 different decisions to make any given day. I'm still choosing the two options but she is then making the final decision.

The reason I mention this is because this is the exact reason why if you took a peak into my diaper bag you'd find 5+ snack options. :)

Recently I posted a "Mama Question of the Night" on Facebook (I've been doing this ever since Elsie was born simply to encourage moms to share their experiences on various topics). The question was : What are some healthy snacks you give your kids on the go?

Below is a Top 10 List of Healthy Kids Snacks. Some are idea's submitted via Facebook and others are one's taken from my bag of tricks (or bag of snacks...hehe).

Top 10 Healthy Kids Snacks
  • Nuts - pistachios, pecans, etc. Note: be sure to take special note of the child's age and allergy recommendations for this snack. We buy the large bag of de-shelled pistachios from Costco and it's great.
  • Fruit Leathers/ Cliff Fruit Twists
  • Frozen Fruit - I love this - especially for the summer. Stick grapes, berries and melon in the freezer in little baggies. Grab one before heading out the door to be used later for a cool refreshing snack.
  • Cheese - string cheese, sticks of cheddar cheese, etc.
  • Apple Slices - My new favorite thing is the pre-sliced apples from Costco. They last forever and require no prep work. Very easy for an on the go snack.
  • Frozen Go-Gurt - Freeze gogurt like a Popsicle.
  • Dried Fruit - raisins, cranberries, name a fruit and I'm sure you can get it dried (or DIY if you're super motivated).
  • Veggies Sticks - Alright... I'll admit. These aren't the most healthy things in the world but Nora just loves them. You can buy them in a uber-large bag at Costco.
  • Mini Peppers - Nikki says they sell them at Costco (totally going to have to try this).
  • Puffs/Cheerios - a staple for lots of moms.
Do you have any healthy snack ideas to add to this list? Comment below.


nick&abby said...

Oh my peppers are my new obsession, they are SO good :)

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