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Aug 6, 2011

Eh??? I'm sure that's what you were thinking when you read that I was blogging about Bacon Wrapped Dates! Although I'm a self professed lover of anything wrapped in bacon, the minute I heard the word "date" I wasn't (initially) interested.

However, I was introduced to these little sweet and savory bites at last month's Scottsdale Cooking Club (thanks Claire) and because I've decided I'd try EVERYTHING at our SCC meetings, I grabbed one for my plate.

Let me tell you folks.... these are DELICIOUS! And so easy to make. So easy that I've already made them and have plans to make them again really soon.

Thanks again Claire for introducing me to this super easy appetizer!


1 16-ounce package of Applewood Smoked bacon (regular thickness-not thick cut), cut into thirds
1 8-ounce package of pitted dates
  1. Wrap each individual date in a strip of bacon until each date is fully wrapped then place toothpick in the center to hold the bacon and date together.
  2. Place tin foil on a cookie sheet pan and then a cookie cooling rack on top of the cookie sheet pan. Place your bacon wrapped dates on top of the cookie rack and broil until bacon is fully cooked. (Keep a close eye on them so they don't burn)
  3. Once they are cooked take out and cool for 5-10 minutes.
Makes 25-30 bacon wrapped dates.


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