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Apr 22, 2011

I love finding great Costco finds! There's just nothing like going into Costco with my usual list of items to buy for the month and stumbling across a new snack, drink, outfit... you name it...Costco probably has had it at one time or another!

And like most things in life, I love sharing my finds with other people. :) That's what bloggers do, right?!

Specifically, I recently stumbled across a 24 pack box of Whole Fruit's Frozen Organic Juice Tubes at Costco. They come in 3 flavors - Apple-Strawberry, Apple-Cherry and Apple-Grape and are 90% juice. Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm.

Now of course I'm having a terrible time finding a picture of them online but take my word for it... they're awesome!

Here are the 3 top reasons why I love these things...

1) They are mostly juice (90% is pretty good for something non-homemade)
2) Nora loves them as an afternoon snack. See below video :)
3) They aren't as messy as a popsicle simply b/c they are in a push-up/tube type container.


Jenet Simmons said...

Got em! We love them!! Have had quite a few spills though.

Anonymous said...

But just went back to Costco cause I ran out of my first batch and they're gone! :(

Carol Rauscher said...

Where else can we get them? Costco and sprouts are out!

Anonymous said...

Love them!!! but not avail at my costco any longer!?!?!?!
any idea where else to buy?

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