nursery (check)

Jun 22, 2009

We were finally able to put some of the finishing touches on our nursery/guest room over the past couple of weekends. Prior to that it seemed like we were traveling a ton and just didn't have the time. So both of us went to work putting everything together.
Although it's not a huge space, and I admittedly would probably already change a few things (I'm weird like that) - I think it turned out pretty great! And it's pretty much ready for our guest of honor.

Now all we need is the baby... and who knows when she'll make her appearance :)


Bambina Babe said...

Love it! The bright pink and polka dots are so cute. Nice work!

Katie and Bret said...

Love Love Love it!!!! It is so cute!!! Baby girl Flies will love it too :)

Jenni said...

Where did you get that crib? I really like it!

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