Feb 1, 2008

Upon moving to Phoenix I was quickly introduced to my new best friend - Starbucks! Not only Starbucks - but the Drive-Thru at Starbucks. At that time my work required me to start my days at 6 am - so I quickly fell in love with the Starbucks down the street that opened at 5 am. It was love at first sight! :)

So for the past 3 years I've been frequenting the Starbucks drive-thru at least once a week. Although this may sound fairly bad - I usually even look forward to my visits to Starbucks the day before I go! I know - tisk, tisk, tisk!

Now my beverage of choice changes probably 2-3x a year - but I was just introduced to my newest favorite Starbucks beverage just last week - a Triple Shot, Skinny, Extra Hot Grande White Chocolate Mocha. Although I love this drink - and will probably be addicted to it for the next few months - I have to admit that I'm a bit ashamed that I've entered into the world of what I call the "High Maintenance Starbucks consumer." A couple years back I remember being behind a woman that when ordering her drink spew out about 10 seperate adjectives to describe that one drink. At that time I vowed to never be "that kind of Starbucks customer." But as you can see, I've become my own worst nightmare!!! I just can't believe it. Nor can I really believe I'm blogging about it for the whole world to see. (thanks for the suggestion Jess!)

Regardless, here's a Friday morning toast to the wordwide addiction - Starbucks!

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Anonymous said...

Here, Here!

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