Jan 30, 2008

Do you have a place that you just LOVE to go to, but don't get to all that often for various reasons? Well that place is Postino's Wine Café for us. It is this incredible winecafe that we just love - the wine, ambiance and bruschetta are just incredible.

Needless to say, we went to Postino's last night with some friends, Laura and Phil, and had a great time. After some great conversation, a wonderful glass of Cabernet and some delicious bruschetta we left already talking about when we would be back.

For those of you in the Phoenix area who have yet to visit this great place - please check it out. PostinoWineCafe.com
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greg & amy said...

You're KILLING us! We may just catch the next flight to Phoenix to join you this weekend at Postino's! My mouth misses the roasted artichoke brushetta! AWWWW!

Anonymous said...

I love you! And you look adorable! Miss you, as always!

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