Jan 14, 2008

Treasures. Scavenger Hunts. Have I caught anyone's attention with those words? I know it catches my attention :)

Recently Alan and I were given a GPS unit for Christmas (thanks Tom & Jane!). It was obviously a great gift for getting around Phoenix and for taking on trips - but it's become a source of great entertainment for us these past few weeks. I can describe our entertainment in one word - GEOCACHING! Our friends introduced us to this great hobby just a couple weeks back and we've been enjoying it ever since. Essentially it is a glorified Scavenger Hunt with your GPS system. It's just too great for words! We've found ourselves getting up on the weekends with one thing in mind - finding a cache! We'll even go out in our PJ's to find the next treasure.

For those of you who have yet to partake in this activity - you are seriously missing out. So, here's what I would suggest - find a friend or call us up and check this new phenomenon out. It's so much fun. Then let us know about your adventures.
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greg & amy said...

Thats so funny. My brother LOVES Geo-whatever its called. But I thought it was just a nerdy thing to do- apparently not- now that you guys are into it!

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