Ode to Fall

Oct 3, 2012

Ok .... here is some cold, hard, honest truth peeps - I miss fall!

So badly.  So so so so, so so so badly.

After living in AZ nearly 8 years, this year it has finally caught up with me and I just need a little blogging meltdown minute to lament my sadness about AZ being a 2 season state (Seasons: HOT and cooler).

Hope that's ok b/c here I go...

I miss the clothes of fall (yes, I realize I'll be wearing those very clothes during our AZ winter...but not right now... I'm still rocking shorts and tank tops every day), boots, changing leaves, HOT Starbucks drinks (yep... haven't ordered one of those yet), fresh apple cider from the orchard, college football games and tailgating, apple orchards, corn mazes, wearing sweatshirts in September, jumping in piles of leaves, etc.

Honestly the list could go on and on.

Now I fully realize that our "fall" comes right at the time when most of the country is moving into winter.  And boy am I looking forward to that day!

Until then I'll just continue to search "Fall" on Pinterest and spend my nap time hours dreaming of the beautiful smells, tastes and cooler temps.

Now back to nearly 100 temps, an Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte and playing in the backyard in our swim suites.... I guess that isn't so bad!

{This post was written as an emotional response to seeing this post from my friend Katie and this post from my friend Allie (miss you girls!).}


B + A said...

Miss you!!! No doubt about it, I would miss fall too :( LOVE YOU!

Katie and Bret said...

Fall and I miss you!!! Allie does too :)

Kendra said...

I can totally relate and feel your pain. I miss fall too :( it's still insanely hot and humid here in Florida.

Aaron and Liz said...

You are speaking my language girl, and I have only been away from it for 2 years!! My whole being craves fall and all the smells and beautiful scenery. I was extremely jealous reading Allie's blog and seeing all the fall fun they are enjoying. Know that I'm missing the Fall season with you!

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