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Oct 15, 2012

Hello Fall... {kindof}.  

We're still seeing temps in the 90s every day but are anxiously awaiting highs in the 80s and 70s (hopefully soon).  Rather than mourn AZs lack of fall weather, we're making the most of it and spending loads of time outside... in our swim suites!  ;) No... really!  

Regardless of the temps... my calendar says it's fall so here is our "fall" family update.  
1) Baby Girl #3 (yes.. in case you missed it... baby 3 is a GIRL!) at 17 weeks.
2) Honeycrisp Apples.... one of my very favorite snacks this time of year.  Simply delicious.
3) and 4) Baby Flies 3 at weeks 18 and 19.
1) I'm officially obsessed with this chalkboard that my friend made me!  She is one of the most creative people I know.  In case you don't believe me, just sure check out her Etsy Shop : Gathering Wishes Studio.
2) Our first experience with finger paints.  Too. Much. Fun.
3) Breakfast outside.  Amazing!
4) We're finally back at the zoo!  With the temps below 100, we've decided to add the zoo back into our monthly play date rotation.
It may not seem totally like fall around here (hence the Ode to Fall post), but we're pretending like it is with some fall decor and the must have kids-by-the-pumpkin(s) pics :)
After living in AZ for nearly 8 years, we thought it was time we visited the AZ State Fair.  Now this statement alone needs a little clarification.  Here's why it's taken this long to attend -

1) We were afraid it would just be a massive disappointment as it doesn't even come close to what is considered the greatest state fair in all of the country - the Iowa State Fair (no joke.. it's in the 1000 places to see before you die book).

2) Pre-kids, the fair seemed to be dirty, creepy and full of fried foods.   Oh.. and HOT.  Didn't sound worth it.

Well - we decided to go against our instincts and check out the fair.  Why?  Well - mostly b/c Nora has been talking about going to the fair and riding a Ferris wheel for 3 months straight.  How could we possibly deprive the girls of their chance to go to their first fair, right?!

After seeing Nora's response to telling her we were going to the fair, we knew we'd made the right choice!  If you didn't see that video on FB, be sure to watch it here.

Thankfully the fair exceeded all of our expectations.  Nora got to ride the Ferris wheel and go down the big slide with her daddy.  We all enjoyed some fried food (a corn dog and fried snickers) and some yummy fresh squeezed lemonade.  And everyone was in great spirits (minus the last 15 minute meltdowns) for virtually the entire time.

I'll be writing more about our fair experience and bringing children to the AZ State Fair on Scottsdale Moms Blog shortly so be sure to stay tuned.


And that's about it!  Until next time....


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