City Moms Blog Network Informational Video

Sep 14, 2012

Oh poor poor blog (and blog readers).

I know... you've been a bit neglected the past few months.  Between pregnancy, 2 toddlers, life, family, business growth and loads of laundry I just can't seem to find the time for you.  (tear)

But have no fear... I've still been busy.

The business I co-founded last year with Joy C, City Moms Blog Network, is growing a ton!!In an effort to get the word out about this amazing opportunity for mommy bloggers, I've been working (with my friend, editor and producer, Michelle F) on a City Moms Blog Network Informational Video.

And I'm pleased to tell you that's it FINISHED!!  Totally ready for you to view.

Lucky You!

For your weekend viewing pleasure I present....the City Moms Blog Informational Video (hehe)...

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in learning more about joining our network and starting your own sister site, please click HERE to learn more.


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