Steph's Pick | Top 5 Summer Picks

Jun 1, 2012

1. Pioneer Woman's Iced Coffee

So I know I talk about this iced coffee recipe a lot.  But I just plain like it.  I actually really, Really, REALLY like it.  

If you haven't made it yourself, do so today. (Ok - maybe not today.  But sometime in the near future).  

My favorite add-ins are half & half, maple syrup and vanilla extract.  Mmmmm.  So yummy. Tastes better than something you'd get at a coffee shop. Really. 

2. Coffee in the morning w/ my Bible in hand 

Have you been up early in the morning recently?  It's AMAZING!  I've loved the time I've been able to spend with God in the early morning hours.  Yes... early means before your kids get up.  Like 6 am (ish). 

I'll admit - I haven't always been good at this.  It's something that I'm learning to appreciate more and more.

Looking for a bible reading plan to help guide you through the scripture?  Read along with me (and lots of other amazing ladies) using the #SheReadsTruth "Soul Detox" reading plan.

To get started, download the Soul Detox plan via YouVersion.  Every morning lots of other women are sharing their thoughts and journal clippings on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #shereadstruth.  I'm currently on Day 8 but it's not too late to start!  YouVersion makes a handy dandy little app for your iphone so you can really do this plan whenever you want. 

Don't knock it until you try it!  

3. Seche Vite

Time for getting a pedicure is a luxury around our home.  So I made it my mission to find out how to make a home-pedicure (and manicure for that matter) last as long as possible.  

Thankfully a friend of mine came to the rescue (thanks Moriah!) and suggested using Seche Vite - a fast drying top coat.  And this stuff actually works!  My nail polish on my toes (and fingers) has never lasted so long.  

The best part?  You can find Seche Vite at Target! 

4. Barefoot Moscato

AKA - Liquid goodness.  

I'm generally a red wine drinker but when it comes to the wicked hot summer months (at least in AZ) I find that I need something sweet and refreshing.  

Barefoot Moscato (at $8.99 for a large bottle) is my new found favorite summer drink.  So delicious, refreshing and dare I say addicting.  

5. Backyard BBQ Parties w/ Friends

It's no secret - I love throwing a good party.

After moving into our rental home in October I've embraced the newly found Backyard BBQ Party ( to us it's new) option with open arms.

Now I realize with temps in the triple digits, our outdoor eating days are quickly coming to a close.  But until it's still in the triple digits at 8 pm at night (yes... that does happen for all of you midwest people reading), we'll keep eating outside.

Happy Summer!   


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