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Jun 6, 2012

Phew... a collective sigh was heard around our home.  

You see - we've had a crazy month.  Lots of house guests + 3 birthdays (in one week nonetheless) + 1 birthday party + our anniversary + saying goodbye to our closest friends in AZ + work + life = CRAZY. 

Fun...but crazy (busy). 

Here's a recap...
 1. We were blessed to have my mom and dad stay with us for the week of our birthdays.  (Steph - the 14th; Elsie - the 19th and Alan - the 21st... in case you were wondering).

The girls adore them and of course we think they are pretty much the best too (love you mom and dad!). Having them in AZ is a much needed breath of fresh air.

2. While my parents were in town we had double the fun because Nick & Abby (and the kids of course) came into town to help celebrate all of our birthdays as well.

Luckily we were able to slip away to one of our favorite Valley Restaurants, A Different Point of View, for a much needed double date night (with N&A that is).

3. Unplanned matching cousin swimsuits.  Too cute, huh?!

4. Nick and Alan were together for their birthday for the first time in a number of years.  Here they are showing off their birthday beverage of choice.
1. I kinda think eating outside is my new favorite thing in the whole wide world.  'Nough said. 

2. Check out my Top 5 Summer Picks post to read more about my Soul Detox bible reading plan.  I'm loving it.  And you would too!

3. & 4. After our family left, our friends, Greg, Amy and Silas, moved in with us for a few days. They were two of the very first friends we had in AZ and they chose to spend their last few days (for now at least) in AZ with us.  How sweet is that?

The girls loved having baby Silas around.  And we loved soaking up some quality face-to-face time with all three of them.

Miss you guys already!  :(
1. & 2. June 3rd marked our 7 year anniversary.  7 YEARS??!! We both just can't believe how fast time has flown. Nor can we believe how young we looked 7 years ago!

3. & 4. We spent the morning of our anniversary with some high school friends, Aaron and Liz, and their sweet-as-can-be boys. 

It was a great treat having them in from out of town.  They will be moving overseas at the end of the summer and so I'm soaking up any extra time I can get with them. 

BTW - Aren't Nora and Easton (#3) just the cutest little things you've ever seen??!!!
 1.  Nora playing dress up for the first time...EVER!  So many little girls are all into princesses and playing dress up.  Nora has always been far more interested in throwing toys across the room and running around in circles.

For some reason her estrogen must have kicked in earlier this week and she asked to play dress up with some sweet little hand-me-down Tinkerbell outfits.  Aww....

2. We celebrated the graduation of some of our dearest friend's daughter, Kelsey, early this week.  Here we are at her graduation party.

Congrats Kelsey!

3. & 4. I really don't have much to say about these pics other than the fact that Elsie is just the sweetest little soul on the face of the planet.  I pretty much could spend every waking minute giving her kisses.  She. Is. So. Sweet.

And here we are the night of our anniversary at one of our new favorite places in the Valley, North Arcadia.

Lastly (and certainly not least b/c it's probably one of the funniest videos we have of Nora to date)... in case you didn't catch this on Facebook ::

And that's it....

Our month in a nutshell (or blog post).

Until next time....xoxo


B + A said...

Yep, still love these :) Love seeing pictures of your cute family and YOU! Love you!

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