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Jun 22, 2012

If had limitless time, friends and money I would totally throw a party a couple times a week.  Yes... that's how much I love me a good party!  

Because of that I'm always looking for new party ideas.  Thankfully I'm pleased to announce that I've recently attended/co-hosted my very favorite party to date - a Favorite Things Exchange!  

Delicious food.  Yummy drinks.  Dear friends.  Great new finds.  

I'm already planning the next one. 
How soon is too soon?  

Are you interested in hosting a Favorite Things Exchange?  Here are the details...

How to Host a Favorite Things Exchange ::

1. Invite Friends 

via Printed Invitation or Evite.
Because Favorite Things Exchanges are not super popular (yet), it's best to give your guests a brief description of the event in your invitation.

Ours read ::
Come over for a super fun 
~Favorite Things Exchange~
Think of something that you LOVE that costs under $6. 
Bring five of that item. 
We will draw names and everyone 
will go home with five amazing new finds. 

2. Decide Decor & Food Specifics.

We specifically asked our guests to bring a favorite sweet or bottle of wine of their choice. We figured it just added to the Favorite Things theme. 

We also made individual bags for each guest to bring their items home in.  (Our Kraft Bags were purchased at the Dollar Tree FYI)

3. Event Details. 

As guests arrive, encourage everyone to display their 5 Favorite Thing items on a table where all of the other Favorite Things will be displayed.  At this time be sure to also encourage each guest to write their name on 5 individual pieces of paper.  Those pieces of paper will go into a large bowl. 

As soon as your guests have had their fill of treats, gather everyone together in a circle.  

Have each guest draw 5 names out of the bowl. (making sure that they do not draw their own name or duplicate names) **Note: Doing this first helps to eliminate the chance of someone getting more than one of an item. 

One by one each guest will get up and do a brief explanation of their favorite thing being sure to mention why they love that specific thing,  the cost of the item and where they purchased it.  They'll then read the 5 names of the guests that "won" their item.  

And that's it!  

Everyone goes home with 5 new goodies, full tummies, smiles on their faces and happy hearts!  It's a bit like Christmas.... with much less stress.  

Get your friends together. 
Host a Favorite Things Exchange. 
It will be your favorite.  


Victoria said...

I have never heard about these parties but it sounds
Iike a really fun idea! I will definitely keep it in mind for a party some time!

cfisher said...

Id like to know how many people were at the party since everyone was bringing 5 items, then drawing names. Any ideas for if its a small group of people? Thanks!

Susan is the said...

Just found this...we are having one a little different. Everybody buys a favorite item for each guest. So if 10 people are coming, bring 9. Put your name on what you bring. There will be bags with everyone 's name. Wash person puts a gift in each bag other than their own. All go home with fun gift bag and knowing a little more about each other's likes.

Anonymous said...

I've attended one that is 3 items for $15 each.

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