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Apr 13, 2012

Oh how I love a good deal. And even more so, I love the occasional date night, moms night out, night out with friends, etc. The list could go on and on of all of the wonderful things I love to do Out.Of.The.House.

But as we all know, going out can be quite expensive. Fortunately with all of the various discount sites out there, we've been able to make getting out a little more affordable.

One of the specific sites that I've recently stumbled upon is

On you can pre-purchase gift cards to various restaurants for 1/2 price and very few restrictions (unlike some other discount sites I know of). You print the gift certificate yourself and off you go.

What I love most is that Local Dines actually features great restaurants - not just the shady restaurant down the street. We've purchased gift cards to The Vig (both locations), Calistro California Bistro, Local Bistro, Eddie's House, 5th and Wine, Armitage Bistro and have been to a number of the other eateries featured (RnR, Over Easy, La Bocca... just to name a few).

The one bad thing - only services the Phoenix area (so sorry for all of you readers who don't live here).

I'd totally recommend checking out this site to save some money on your next night out!

Happy Friday!

{If you do decide to purchase a Local Dines would you be so kind as to purchase it using my referral link?! You're the best! Thanks!}


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