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Sep 17, 2010

If you've been a Flies Blend reader for some time you probably remember the first time I highlighted as a Steph's Pick. Well that was a couple years ago and so I thought it was appropriate to revisit how much I LOVE these books. (Plus... it's a good excuse to show you the Blurb book that I received a month or so ago :))

Here's a bit from my 2008 post...
Have you ever found yourself just waiting till you have time to finally put that scrapbook together or at the very least put those old photos in an album? I know I've found myself in that position on numerous occasions. Wait no longer - I've found a great way to display those photos. is a free bookmaking software that has been a great way for Alan and I to capture memories on a yearly (or event) basis. By going on their website you can preview books other users have created to inspire you in your own bookmaking. They have a ton of page layout/design options that assist in putting the book together in a professional and creative way. And the best part is - the software is FREE & the books are very affordable ($20 - $50).
As our anniversary approaches each year I put together a book of that year's memories. It's such a fun and easy way to highlight everything that happens each year. Plus - it's pretty cheap when compared to a lot of other scrapbooking type options.

Check out today!


Brian and Allie said...

How come i can't make my blurb pages look that cool?? :)

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