Steph's Pick - Personalized Gift Tags

Jan 3, 2009

Now I had every intention of posting this is a "Steph's Pick" far before Christmas came around but that obviously didn't happen! So I apologize in advance for giving you a bit of a belated suggestion. I also have to give credit where credit is due - my good friend, Nealy, did this very thing a couple years back which inspired me to use the idea this year.
Although I don't think really much explanation is necessary, I found this gift tag idea to be creative and very easy. Rather than buy gift tags at the store, I went through this past year's photos and printed off various ones that I cut out to personalize each gift we gave this Christmas season. Our family and friends got a good kick out of their photos and I have to admit, I had a great time chosing which photos to use.
So - the next time you have to wrap a gift, consider this personalized gift tag option. It would even work for Birthday gifts, Anniversary gifts, Baby shower gifts and the occassional "because I love you" gifts.


Lanzens Life said...

Wow, how did you even remember that I did that?

I love Steph's pick...keep posting! =)

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