kitchen renovation complete!

Sep 19, 2008

Back in June we had an unfortunate accident happen in our kitchen. Unknowingly, our dishwasher started leaking and managed to seep through our floors, cabinets and our downstairs neighbor's ceiling and walls. It was a mess to say the least. And a very messy situation to figure out. Between insurance, our contractor and our time out of the state it took much longer than we ever could have expected to complete. Thankfully everything is complete!!! Hurray!

I thought I'd post a few pictures of the process. The first photo is of our kitchen before everything - well not so much before b/c as you can see at this point we already had fans working to dry up the mess. The second is after our dishwasher and countertops were removed (an in-process photo) and the last is of the final product. We just need to upgrade the fridge and we're done for awhile! I think it looks pretty good if I do say so myself.


In process:



Christy said...

very nice! i especially love the new flooring!

Lanzens Life said...

Cute! I don't even know what your house looks like! =) You should put up more pictures of it.

Sorry I missed your call last week -- we were on vacay and just got back late last night. Talk soon!

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