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Apr 2, 2013

Woo-hoo - we made it through March!!  

As anyone who has ever had a newborn can attest - that first month is hard stuff, right?!!! And in our case that first month with baby #3 is especially hard!  

As a new month starts, we are celebrating that we made it through the month of March alive (albeit largely bc of the help from family and friends).  

Here's a quick recap::
1) Mop and Papa Triggs came into town the Sunday after Audrey was born. And we couldn't have been more excited to have them!  The girls loved getting all of the extra attention and we loved having the extra help around the house.  Ok - we maybe loved the extra attention too ;) Papa stayed for a week and Mop for over two weeks.  I'm pretty sure we may not have survived the month without them.  Thanks mom and dad!  

2) Audrey's future BFF was born just 10 days after her.  Here they are meeting for the first time.   Brighton's parents, Laura and Phil, are some of our very favorite people in the whole wide world.  Brighton and Audrey are destined to share secrets about their crazy families for many years to come!  I'm sure of it!

3) & 4) To help celebrate Audrey's birth, some of my dear friends threw Audrey a Sip & See.  Everything about this party was perfect.  From the Audrey Hepburn (part of the reason why we named Audrey her name) themed decorations to all of my favorite appetizers... it truly was such a wonderful way to celebrate Ms. Audrey.  Thanks again Laurie, Carlene, Jess, Rebecca and Jennifer!  xoxo

Each one of these pictures illustrates what our days look like.  We spend lots of time snuggling, kissing Audrey and playing outdoors. 
Some of my family was in town for spring break last week and the girls were lucky to spend one morning at the zoo with Aunt Jane, Uncle Mike and Cousins Mel and Matt.  They LOVED it!
Our sweet little Audrey turned 1 month on the 27th of March!  We celebrated with lots of snuggles :) She weighed in at 8 lb 13 oz and 21 inches in length.  She's growing great and is healthy so we couldn't be more thankful.   

So many of you have asked how these two are adjusting and the answer is... well... it depends on the day :)  

Both of the girls just adore Audrey and are constantly wanting to hold her hand, read to her, give her kisses and help with getting her paci/blanket/burp cloth/diaper.  However, as we expected, they have also had days where the new changes, our divided attention namely, is just plain hard.  

But thankfully they are cute, right?!  It makes even the hard(er) days sweet. 

Here the girls are on Easter Sunday.  Alan and I caught a nasty case of the flu the 3 days leading up to Easter and so our Easter plans changed in an attempt to contain our germs as much as possible.  

We spent the day celebrating the Resurrection of Christ with just our little family.  And because cooking anything in the kitchen was just not going to happen, our Easter breakfast was sponsored by Krispy Kreme (thank you lordy for drive-thru donut places just a mile away!).  

Audrey's first Easter. 

And that's it!  A wonderful (but hard and exhausting) month!  

Here's to one month down and many more to go!!  

xoxo - us 


B + A said...

I still live for posts with pictures of your girls. I love them and your family. Thanks for keeping me happy :)

Laura said...

LOVE your girls :) And yes, I'm sure Audrey and Brighton will have many crazy tales to share :) Love you!!!

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