Girlfriends + Vegas

May 9, 2012

This being a mommy thing can be kinda tiring, right?!

Because of that very reason, three of my college girlfriends and I decided it was time to take a much needed ladies-only trip.  We all have 1 or 2 children ages 9 mo - 3.5 yrs old and are scattered across the country so it was time to get away.

Where to?  Vegas of course!  (Why not?!) Our requirements - rest, sun and good food.  All of which Vegas was sure to have this time of year.  

I. LOVED. IT. From the moment I left home on Friday morning, to the minute I crawled into bed late Monday night - I savored each minute.

I'll let the photos do the talking...

Saturday Agenda : 
Starbucks. Pool. Frozen Drink. Lunch. Pool. Frozen Drink. Dinner (Mon Ami Gabi). Lights out at 10 pm. 

Sunday Agenda :
Starbucks. Gym. Pool. Lunch. Pool. Frozen Drink. Dinner (Bouchon). Lights out at 10:30 pm.
Monday Agenda :
Combination of Saturday and Sunday activities plus a flight home in the evening.

Not too bad, huh?!! 

Thanks Nealy, Jess and Abby for the unforgettable memories.  Till next time.  


Karis said...

I love that y'all went to bed so early each night! So cute!

Mon Ami Gabi is one of my favorite Vegas restaurants! Where did y'all stay? Not sure you said...

A much needed break! So happy for you!

Katie and Bret said...

Sooooo much fun!

B + A said...

Looks sooo fun! Love it. Next up, midwest girl's weekend!

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