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May 10, 2011

Hey ladies! And actually more specifically this post is for all of you mamas and mamas-to-be out in cyber-space that read our blog.

Have you been checking out Scottsdale Moms Blog over the past year and have thought to yourself "I would LOVE to do something just like that in my town/city?!"

Well - now you can!! And we'll even help you do it.

We've (and by "we" I mean SMB co-founder, Joy and me) just recently launched the SMB Media Group. Through it we're committed to partnering with local mom bloggers around the United States. Our sister sites showcase information about what’s going on in the lives of moms who live in their respective communities. We know that it’s difficult to get out and meet other moms when naps, eating and potty-training are calling for a mom’s attention. These sites are our little attempt to make the world feel smaller and to encourage other moms that they AREN’T ALONE!

Our sister site bloggers are working moms, stay at home moms, city moms, suburban moms, and rural moms—but, most of all, they are local moms.

To see an example of what YOU could do in your area be sure to check out our very first sister site who has officially "launched" just last week - Dallas Moms Blog (so happy for you Lauren K!)

Now here’s where YOU come in!!!

If you're interested in the possibility of starting a SMB Sister site - visit our “Start a Sister Site” link. We’re currently putting together a wait list for our very first SMB Media Group Webinar (most likely early June). During this Webinar Joy and I will cover the logistics of setting up a SMB Sister Site, Content Management, Working with Local Businesses and Event Planning basics. At the end of the webinar attendee’s will have the opportunity to move forward with partnering with us as a SMB Media Group Sister Site.

Email for more details!


Lauren said...

We have loved launching the site! Y'all are so fun to work with, and we can't wait for the webinar!

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