Steph's Pick - Epiphanie Camera Bag

Aug 20, 2010

Oh Epiphanie camera bag how I want you on my arm. You are so lovely and so sweet. My dream is to own you some day.

Alright - in all seriousness - isn't this bag soooooo cute! I've been dreaming of the day I might own one. The hubster says no b/c I already have a functional (but ugly) camera bag but maybe someday he'll say "yes!" (wink, wink)

For now, I'll keep dreaming...


nick&abby said...

ooh yah! I love it! super cute!
Alan, I vote for Steph to get the bag ASAP

Laura said...

So I am relatively slow to notice things and *just* noticed the incoming link section on our blog and just saw this post! Ha! I hope you got a bag! My Lola is the best! I can just throw my wallet and phone in and it doubles as a purse! \Totally fun seeing that shot here! And I just ran through Scottsdale a few weeks ago. How's that for random?

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