so sweet - 5 months

Dec 17, 2009

Nora turned 5 months this past weekend!!! Although we don't have her typical stats I thought we'd catch you up on a typical Nora schedule....
7:00 am - Wake Up and Eat
7:40 am - Walk/Run with Mom
9:00 am - Playtime and Skype with Gma and Gpa T
9:30 am - Nap 1
10:30 am - Eat
11:00 am - Play/Errands
12:00 pm - Nap 2
1:00 pm - Eat
1:30 pm - Play/Errands
3:00 pm - Nap 3
4:15 pm - Eat
5:00 pm - Family Walk
5:45 pm - Skype with Uncle Nick, Aunt Abby and Cousin Adelyn (see post)
6:00 pm - Bathtime
6:15 pm - Eat
7:00 pm - Bedtime
Pretty exciting, huh? Oh - the life of a baby!
Mom's WishList for Santa is this: for baby girl to move to a 4 hour eating schedule :) and to nap for longer than 45 min!


J and J Masson said...

renae moved to a 4 hour schedule shortly after she turned 5 months. we were at training in VA and every time i went back ato feed her at the normal time she woke up from her nap, she was still sleeping. so i realized she was ready for a new schedule. the bummer is after she started going every 4 hours my milk supply went way down . . . as in by 7.5 months it was basically gone. :( oh well. but renae was never a big eater so i never had a big supply. sammy on the other hand . . . . can we say super size??

Bambina Babe said...

What a cutie. Steph, she's totally going to look like you!

jamie said...

hey steph! looks fun! with the naps.. anna was doing this also.. i will email you!

Nick&Abby Flies said...

love me some Nora!

greg & amy said...

boy, you guys arent regimented or anything, huh? :)

Jummy said...

Steph, have you read "Babywise". This sounds very similar... you must have a well-mannered baby!

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