the perfect tree

Dec 6, 2009

This weekend we were able to pick out our very first Christmas tree as a family of three. Although traditionally our family (the Triggs') would always go to a tree farm, since moving to AZ we go to Home Depot down the street :) Christmas tree farms are just a little harder to come by here in the desert.
Now with the Christmas tree up, stockings hung and cooler weather in the air, I can really say - It's beginning to look at a lot like Christmas!


Katie Liz said...

You should be here right now because by the end of the week, it's literally going to be the North Pole! Blizzard watch tomorrow, 4-8" of snow and then highs in the teens after that!!! :(

PS Nora is lookin cute as always!

Brian and Allie said...

Are those mittens I see Nora sporting? :) Bring those when you come to Iowa! And it reminds me- I should probably get some of those for Reese.

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