Home from our cruise!

Nov 20, 2008

Well we returned safe and sound on Monday night from a great get-away weekend. As I said in my previous post, Jess and I have been talking about taking a vacation together for the past two years but just got around to doing it last weekend.
The weekend was filled with a ton of great memories - the best being the amount of rest and sleep that we got! It was unbelievable how exhausted both of us were. With an inside cabin room (no lights) you would have easily found us asleep at 9 pm each night!!!
We did have one stop - Ensenada, Mexico. Although we did get off the boat for a total of 45 or so minutes, the city itself wasn't much to write home about. The other days were spent poolside with a book in hand.
On Monday we were able to disembark around 8 am so we made arrangements to sit down at the Long Beach Starbucks while we waited for the LA traffic to die down. After waiting a couple hours we were off to UCLA to meet up with some old friends, Josh and Rochelle. While in Westwood we relaxed some more and enjoyed the last few hours of conversation before Rochelle and Jess dropped me off at LAX to fly home to Phoenix.
It really was an incredible weekend. Jess - thanks for taking time out of your crazy schedule to spend a weekend with me! You're the best!


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