Steph's Pick - DIY Monogrammed Art

Aug 22, 2008

I have this weird fetish - I always want to change things up in our home. Although we are blessed to have an incredible condo, it just isn't all that big, so I don't have the option of making hugely noticeable changes (ex: moving furniture). However, I'm always able to move artwork, shelving, and decorative items.
Just a couple weeks ago I wanted a new art piece for one of our walls but didn't want to spend much money. I went to Michael's with my 40% off coupon and came out with everything I needed to make my own monogrammed art piece. Here's how I did it:

Items needed:
- An inexpensive canvas at an arts and crafts store.
- Wood Letters
- Fun fabric to cover canvas
- Black paint
- Hot glue gun
- Staple Gun

How to:
- Cut fabric to fit tightly across the canvas with some extra to staple to the back
- With staple gun, staple fabric to back wood frame of canvas (remember to pull tightly)
- Paint letters and let dry (only if needed obviously)
- Measure out placement for letters (just to make sure everything is even)
- Hot glue letters to front of canvas

That's it! It was super easy and didn't cost me any more than $15 for the entire thing. I think it looks pretty good too! :)
(Note: this also makes a great wedding or anniversary gift)


Christy said...

love it! thanks for the great idea!

Christy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephanie said...

Very creative! You have the best ideas!

Lanzens Life said...

Enough already! =)

I love this! I can't believe you made it. Wow, where did you get the idea? You're amazing, as always!

Elizabeth said...

Glue guns are an amazing tool and can make cool things like this. Very nice.

greg & amy said...

You crack me up. You are so creative. How many big F's do you have in your house now?? :)

Amy said...

I'm a huge fan of monograms- love this idea! Thanks for sharing! Do you think it would work with modge podged paper instead of fabric? (only to lower the cost... lots of paper around here, not very much fabric. I'm sure the fabric adds a great texture though...)

Lisha said...

This is absolutely gorgeous and appreciate you teaching me how to do it. I always want to do stuff like that but am afraid to try!

Jamie said...

I'm lovin' this, it looks so easy. I'm going to give it a try, hopefully it'll be as easy for me as you made it look. I'm thinking if mine turns out as good as yours I'm going to do some for Christmas gifts. Thanks for such a great idea.

Dallin said...

it's a brilliant idea for home decoration, thanks for sharing it.

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

very cute!! I hope you have a really wonderful day!! hugs!! Britt :-)

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Fabulous! Thanks for the idea, I will copy this one!

shopgirl said...

Fantastic job!!

I hope to do this soon....I'll let you kow how it goes.

Thanks for sharing!

p.s. great blog!

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